Navigating The Human Condition Of Online Culture

Navigating The Human Condition Of Online Culture
The Mission: To create an online space/gallery which transfigures time and space, in the Digital Age.

Becoming Conscious Online.

Since 2013 I’ve lived both consciously and subconsciously online. It has been my creative “medium”, in which I can explore art, history, the future, as well as, the past and present. There are many facets to the human condition such as behaviour and tolerance. One that can be experienced through the user as a player, or bystander.

As being diagnosed with psychosis and depression, it has been an integral part of my life to understand today’s culture and obsession with social media, and its effects on mental health. I returned to personal social media after a 5 year hiatus and now I have become a “slave” to online culture like many others. It seems staying connected online is how we rely and function in today’s day and age. In turn, we now rely on and have replaced ourselves with virtual representation and recognition that impacts our offline lives. Majority of the world’s population is dictated by how we use technology.

This, interweaved with my personal “real” life and “virtual” life, always personal and always truthful from my perspective of psychological thought process, relevant to the moment I am living at the time and with the relevance of algorithms presented online, online culture has become a tale of history and life through virtue of abstract performance art. This impacts a whole onset of generations, to a level where it has become normalized. And I must question whether the general public is aware that this is our present day state of mind and conditioning, and what it means for the future. And the boundaries surrounding how we define mental health in the future.