Performance Art vs. Life and Art

[This must have been 2013]


Performance Art vs. Life Art

Everything, living thing (organism) is an art form. We each have our purpose and functions to exist in cohabitation.

It’s whether you choose to succeed and partake in that (your) performance, that makes reality real. We are all performers. There is no death or failure, there are only experiences and interpretations.

In life, value is placed on numbers and levels. Economics. Wealth or poor, male or female,…etc. All meant to be polar opposites of one another, but in fact you cannot succeed on each end unless you acknowledge the balance and the power of both. We are graded by numbers but the only value that matters is individual perception. Value of our own worth and grading our own performance.

Life becomes are because that is the art of life. We can accept fact or question the truth. Every fiction is non-fiction. Everything is real through belief and dreams, through math and science…. language.

Mental illness challenges the general population but through its understanding and process of adaptability, you will find life imitating art. The effects of mass media and popular culture, creation versus construction, poverty and wealth…. All the elements that this world place importance on in media, culture, economics, religion, math & science, (social media), art….. and again, language.

Paranoia comes from the paranoid. General statements that don’t segregate us into subcultures or groups or classification. We have all, in our generations (past, present, future) been paranoid.

Art is the greatest expression that has lasted through history to give humans a look through the looking glass of time. Not through dictation but experience and perception. Tomorrow’s future history that has embraced all elements/forms of the arts, lies in our present and past. It is this century’s defining movement of language and expression.


Hip Hop Culture- visual arts, dance, music, technology, writing [Flow and Movement]. The freestyle to the linguistics of language.

-Age of Class(ghetto to suburb to rich)  (vs.) Age of race (minority)

-Poetry/Spoken Word/Rap/Lyrics

-Vandalism to Graffiti to Street Art to Galleries (drawing, painting, photography, computer manipulation, to 3D processing)

-Dance- Expression, Freestyle, structure: Structure, Freestyle, Expression (Combat martial arts- non-violent lessons- copeira (Brazil), martial arts (Asia) -Non violent dance (African)


                Class struggle to the poor: poverty/race


                                                pride/through non-violence

                                                justice/of a non-violent representation/society: to stop and escape the lifestyle placed by “Uncle Sam: and the Western World of Greed/Money/Power over Other travelled to middle class to rich and powerful to disgrace the language of Corporate America

A constant need for explanation expands to the question, how many times can you apologize for the same thing of personal experience?

Why do you have to be Black to have to be the force reaching out for every ethnicity?

Embracing the language of truth from aggression to peace to aggression to exploitation to peace.

Ego vs. Ego vs. Teaching vs. Listening vs. Learning


“They’re All Punks”

The way the punk and hip hop movement coincides becomes fashionable.

-from homemade style to brand name fashion from ghettos (white) to ghettos (black) to Universal “Ghettos” to their own Upper Class.

Sub- Genres: Fusion of all but who gets the Credit? Is credit due?

Copyright Licensing to shareware to freeware

Trade market to Free market/Analog vs. Digital

The Mixtape vs. The playlist

Just a little Love song.


Everyone needs stimulation. What stimulates you?

Everyone/thing is fine. But let them define their past in mine. I don’t need to validate or trade what I commemorate in my memories and minds. That if at one point you were with me, you let me define.

We live in abundance through all stimulation, whether it be sounds, sights, tastes, smells… it’s all perception. It’s in words and gestures that leave the scars unheard of in our worth and values through our mouths. Through every facet of being that is inherent to these conditions. I am thankful to those that stand by and guide me. I’m back on that dock riding the tides that wave. Like Otis, watching the colours of flags, of faces and nations.

This is not ego or superlative treatment. It’s what we dream of- an exit to acceptance.

[This must have been written in the Summer of 2013]



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