Who Is MLRF…

Jea Rhee

Jea Rhee ( My Little Robot Friend ) is an Artist/Author from London, Ontario. An Alumni of Concordia University’s Fine Arts Program [Art History], she now resides in Greater Montreal, QC, Canada.

Performance Art vs Life and Art

An advocate of mental healthcare for those affected with mental health issues, she explores how much today’s Digital Age impacts our lives and the future of mental health within our greater communities. Part of her mandate is to explore a new series of books concerning her experiences with, what she has coined “Hyperreal Psychosis,” and her knowledge of “The Truman Show Delusion”, and to help end stigma around mental illness.

I am not an expert in any field, but if you would like to know my thoughts/insights on Mental Health, Art, Technology, History, Future…among other things… You can read them here (just click on link below)…

Since 2013, MLRF has incorporated her art by using limited technology at her hands. A Smartphone. From experimental therapy for the next few years, she started with an iPhone 4, and upgraded gradually over the years in Apple smartphone technologies. Even this site was built on her phone and is continually updated with it. From photography to music, relying on other artists participating on the digital art studio of the inter-web. Social media is her main platform, but without it, she would still be creating… except few would have access to it. Or would they? (You need to know, to know). Butter is, it’s all for the culture. Hip Hop ya don’t stop….. ya don’t know how much it is actually going through my life journey. This is a bond between two adults who are also not trying to be the same person as the other people think they have been in their lives for the past present future generations and experiences shared. Life is about change. This life is about mental illness awareness.


The Derivative of Psychosis: An Artist’s Guide

The Crazies Lullaby: 1/2 A Lot Of Nonsense
A creative story based on psychosis. A journey through metaphors and conversations with God, regarding identity, humanity, and society. (Includes art/photographs by MLRF and CYER)


Staying Connected IRL: A Collection Of Women’s Stories On Identity And Mental Health In The Digital Age
An insight into our interactions with digital media and mental healthcare. Includes “HyperReal Psychosis: Social Media as the Influencing Machine”, 2017. (Available at Vancouver Public Library)

The Crazies Book Of Testements I: Sensations Of The Nonsensical
A Journey Through Fictional Non-Fiction of HyperReal Psychosis. Poetry and stories accumulated over a span of approximately a decade. (c.2000-2019)

The Crazies Book Of Testements III: The Mind Game
The next book in The Crazies Book Of Testaments series. A journey through fictional non-fiction Of HyperReal Psychosis. Real life accounts in the Digital Age. Includes “HyperReal Psychosis: Mental Illness and the Influencing Machine” 2019

Manbaby The Bedroom Series
A Collection Of #sketchoftheday inspired drawings of ManBaby. A look into voyeurism, pop culture, and gender issues.


All Original Artwork/Writing Copyright of My Little Robot Friend/Jea Rhee past-present-future