On Quarantine

On Quarantine


Severed Minds/Severed Souls
Been a reflection on what we need
And what we don’t.
Like Fixed Minds vs Growth Mindsets
A time of problem solving
Outside of the box.
Unknown and less predictable
No one knows what will happen
They can make projections.
That’s what we do.
That’s what people do.
They set out goals
Without knowing perfectly the outcome
If it’s not perfect
Some of us can accept it.
Others will deny it.
Others will find fault and blame.
State of the World.


Ever wonder why….
I don’t know anymore.


Part II

I want to give up
Because there are no answers anymore
I don’t know what to think
I don’t know what to believe
What to hope for anymore.
It’s ok to feel this way
It’s ok to believe this way
Knowing we don’t have to take part
In what makes things worse.
To be enlightened
So I can’t listen
I want this to be over.
Who doesn’t.
So I can hide in peace
Like before
Without this looming presence
That we are trapped in our homes
Without the freedom
That others don’t have
Just to roam.
We will get out of this quarantine
We will have salvation
While we lay others to Rest In Peace
Time will tell
How we shall overcome
As if that is what matters
For us to get back on our feet
Rest in Power
To the Frontliners
Living hell
I swear I’ve been there before
But not like this
Not in this situation
Outcomes different
We can only hold on.
Though holding on
Feels like holding onto air.


Ever wonder why
We don’t know anymore.

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