Stranger Than Fiction
An impactful impasse with author Mike Jay, “A Visionary Madness.”

THE STRAIGHT STORY (past circa 2005- present 2019- future rip)

THE STRAIGHT STORY II – The Battle With The Past (2020)


Navigating The Human Condition Of Online Culture 
Navigating The Human Condition Of Online Culture
The Mission: To create an online space/gallery which transfigures time and space, in the Digital Age.

The Third Wave
The advice of choice, is to simply disconnect. Get off your smartphones and other smart devices that keep you connected to the Internet. As easy as this sounds, many people rely on this technology to fill out their daily lives. Whether it be for work or “play”. It is not as easy, in today’s society to just, “shut it off”. As Marshall McLuhan might say, they have become extensions of ourselves.

Natural User Interface: Steve Mann

The Storyteller: Wodiczko

The FUTURE SHOCK Of Alvin Toffler

All Original Artwork/Writing Copyright of My Little Robot Friend/Jea Rhee past-present-future

The HyperReal Hypothesis
Maybe to help you understand why I’m so obsessed w mental health and digital age. It’s impacted my life a lot… but I’ve always been interested in technology, especially in art and the future… So I’m stuck thinking what’s next for people w mental illness. These common beliefs are just accepted to become the norm for everyone who doesn’t live off the grid.

A HyperReal Tale Of ARG
“The first rule of fight club. You do not talk about fight club.”

The World According To Eco
An article by Lee Marshall, as published in WIRED, 1997
Insight into Umberto Eco’s “futuristic” views on the changing nature of what would become The Internet era.

Social Media As The Influencing Machine
An excerpt from the book, “Staying Connected :IRL.” by Jea Rhee

The confessional. An Ode To The Future, From The Present, As Sent From The Past.